Grassroots Classroom: June

Equal Opportunities for Students is starting a new project called “Grassroots Classroom”. Attached to this post is a spreadsheet that shows every education bill brought up by the House of Representatives in the month of June, and every education bill brought up by the Senate in the months of May and June. On the spreadsheet, you’ll be able to find two phone numbers for each member of congress (one local and one in Washington D.C.), as well as the link to their website. The spreadsheet also shows what, if any, education bills the congressperson has sponsored or cosponsored during this time. There is also a log of bills attached, which shows what each bill number is, a brief description of the bill, and a link to the official text of the bill if you feel the need to read it yourself. It is important to show our representatives what we think of the actions, or lack thereof, they are taking towards our education system. It is also crucial to remember that education policies are important at the state and local levels, too. Make sure to know the stances of your local politicians on education issues, and participate in the political process at the state and local levels as well.

June House Bills

May-June Senate Bills

June 2017 House Bills

May-June Senate Bills

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